NUGSE Research in Education

NUGSE Research in Education is a peer-reviewed journal designed for educational leaders, policymakers, researchers and students interested in empirical research, critical reviews, and analytical papers on a wide range of topics in education. The primary aim is to share experience and promote understanding of Kazakhstan’s unique educational context. The journal is peer-reviewed by an editorial board comprising students and faculty of the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education, offering NU students and alumni the experience and knowledge of the publication process, peer-revision boards, and critical analysis of quality scholarly work.

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Current Editorial Board

Ziyat Abdykaimov (Alum)

Altyn Baigazina (PhD)

Andrey Chsherbakov (MA)

Dr. Anna CohenMiller (Faculty)

Lyazat Gapbassova (PhD)

Aliya Mustafina (Alum)

Aisulu Sanat (Alum)

Aisara Yessenova (Alum)

Co-Managing Editors

Kamila Kozhabayeva (MA)

Dilara Orynbassarova (PhD)

Rizagul Syzdykbayeva (MA)

Chief Editor

Philip Montgomery (Faculty)

Vol 2, No 1 (2017): NUGSE Research in Education

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